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Meet Gina Cafone, here's her story on how IC has changed her life, as she discusses how she has traveled across the country to find doctors that will help with this condition-especially in the later stages of this illness. She discusses the cost of medication, treatments, and surgeries living with a severe bladder condition. Additionally, she also explains how living with a debilitating bladder condition has affected her work, career, and how she has tried to stay strong while being a single parent at the same time. Short Note: For anyone who is pregnant, given birth, has had any severe trauma to the pelvic region of your body(including lower back pain & your tailbone), I hope you will read what can happen to your pelvic floor muscles. My back story and how I was diagnosed with IC. Hello Everyone..My name is Gina and I am a long-term survivor of Interstitial Cystitis for the past 22 years. Many have difficulty saying the word let alone understanding what it is exactly. To give y…
Each of us have a story to tell, be it of a time when we have achieved something that we thought we couldn't. A story could be about a dream that changed your life, or even about a person who help you get your life on track. Someone big and important who help put you on the right path, when you went a stray. Who knows, a story can be true, made-up, funny, inspirational any genre of your choice, but for us here with Interstitial Cystitis our story, is based only the truth, and each story you read will be different, but it will all lead up to how each person's life has been changed once affected, by this horrible illness that has only treatment and no cure. 

For each of here who tell they story, we all have two things common. One thing being the same chronic illness, that forced us to become different people. It made us give up the things in life that we may have wanted, and this may not go for all, but I know it goes for many and I am one of them who had to become a home body du…

"When you think of the word "Medicine"  what is the first thing that comes to mind?"

I bet you would say, a drug be it a pill or a syrup, that will help with pain, or reduced symptoms of a illness of any sort."Something like that right? "I would hope you answered yes. for me it did not go exactly like that for me, and I believe I have had more than my fair share of drugs, that are designed to deal with one issue when they eventually cause another.
For starters, after finally being diagnosed with IC, the urologist who confirmed the diagnosis wrote me a prescription for Trospium, which is used to treat an over active bladder.  At first I didn't feel there was anything wrong at the time, so I used it along with it's best friend Elmiron 100 miller grams, regularly on a daily basis as the doctor prescribed me to do.  
Weight loss is a good thing and maybe even a great thing depending on your body type, height and genes. I never ever considered my…

IC Defined, Symptoms including Symptoms and Treatment Options.

After being diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, I didn't know what to do and I didn't have anyone to speak to that understood what was going on with me.  I wish at the time I was diagnoses I had someone to help me get through what I was dealing with mentally and emotionally.  We all have a phase we go through after being hearing we have a incurable illness, this is my phase.