IC Defined, Symptoms including Symptoms and Treatment Options.

After being diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, I didn't know what to do and I didn't have anyone to speak to that understood what was going on with me.  I wish at the time I was diagnoses I had someone to help me get through what I was dealing with mentally and emotionally.  We all have a phase we go through after being hearing we have a incurable illness, this is my phase.

Some of the treatments included on this list has not been updated since 1982 (Elmiron)
This not a complete list of treatment, for further treatment and information please visit the website listed at the bottom of this blog post.

For more information, please visit the links that have been added at the bottom of this blog post.
FYI: This is only a short list of the treatment used for IC, each treatment option varies from patient to patient. Not all forms of treatment is a guaranteed choice of option, that will decrease symptoms.
This is only a list of the exam that was conducted with my urologist in order to diagnose and treat. Each Urologist will conduct what he/she feels need to rule out cancer of the bladder /IC etc. Please always consult a medical professional when seeking any health advice.

                                This is written based of my own point of view. ( my own opinion!)

All images were used for expression purposes.
For more information on Interstitial Cystitis please visit the links below 

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