"When you think of the word "Medicine"  what is the first thing that comes to mind?"

I bet you would say, a drug be it a pill or a syrup, that will help with pain, or reduced symptoms of a illness of any sort. "Something like that right? " I would hope you answered yes. for me it did not go exactly like that for me, and I believe I have had more than my fair share of drugs, that are designed to deal with one issue when they eventually cause another.

For starters, after finally being diagnosed with IC, the urologist who confirmed the diagnosis wrote me a prescription for Trospium, which is used to treat an over active bladder.  At first I didn't feel there was anything wrong at the time, so I used it along with it's best friend Elmiron 100 miller grams, regularly on a daily basis as the doctor prescribed me to do.  

Weight loss is a good thing and maybe even a great thing depending on your body type, height and genes. I never ever considered myself to be skinny, and I boy was I ever looking to be. Stress did help in the aid of weight loss for me and it helped shed some unwanted pounds, but what had me concerned after awhile was how much weight I ended up losing.  I went back down to may normal weight and what I consider normal to me at the time was 130 or 135 give a take a few pounds. 

Having been paired with the two medications above, and the added stress took my weight all the way down to where I believe I ended up being slimming all the way down to what I believe was a little bit under 100 pounds.  Don't get me wrong I did like the fact that I was losing weight from having just had a baby, but I just didn't expect it to melt so fast and not the way that it did. 

"Judge for yourself, I am not ashamed, I looked good and bad".

Here I went from itty bitty Quitta, to itty bitty teeny, tinny, Quitta. To give you more of an idea on how small I was here. Each and every time I sat down, I could feel my tail bone scrap the mattress , couch, chair sofa and to make it worse...the bath tub. Having a bath was torture to my buttocks in the fragile state I was.  This is what pain did to me in the beginning. It sucked me dry, and took all the weight with it.  Hey, maybe I could have modeled at this time, who knows, I think the pain made me afraid to anything even when I knew I needed to and wanted too. 

Gabapentin, Oxycodone, Ibuprofen, you name it. Pain was still there and is always there, even when I smile.  Pyridium for example is used to numb the bladder so during urination, the process is much more tolerable. Instead for me it cause more, pain, more knives, more stabbing, more feeling like I was going to die each and every time I used the bathroom, so I begin to believe that I was and stopped drinking all together.  (no water, no juice, no, fluid intake at all) This went on for a while, but I still had to urinate I hoped I would eventually urinate less, so I could hurt less. It turned out in the long run all I was doing was causing my urine to become more, and more concentrated which does not help anyone with IC. I gave up the notion to stop continue decreasing my fluid intake one night when I woke up severely dizzy laying on the bed at my grandmothers house, to the point where walking to the bathroom, or kitchen for a glass of water was a ridiculous challenge.  

Now you remember I stated I decreased my intake on all things fluids ? Yes ,but the truth to that is I had just enough water a day to help me swallow each and everyone of the little bitty pills the doctors gave me. Crazy, maybe so I don't know what crazy looks like. I only know what IC looks like, and if you take a bit of every emotion along with painful urination, there you have a recipe for IC, now how about them apples.

I wanted to believe that what I was doing was helping me, but that night I found out it did not benefit me in anyway to starve my body of fluids, especially water. I do still drink a little bit, but not as little as before. My body is used to and unused to the pain even when I know that it's there and I can feel the pain even before it hits.  Amitriptyline and DMSO, did not do me any favors in relieving any of my pain, I just had to keep going without any pain meds. I continued to take Trospium for a longer period of time, until I realized that the Elmiron and Trospium caused me to lose weight a speed I didn't want to.  

Heck, on the upside of things , at least If I ever want to lose weight again, I know which two pills will work its magic.

Nah, I'm just kidding, I don't want to run the risk of loosing my eye sight, or messing up my liver to the point of no return. Something else may or may not come along that will be better for us all, I will keep my fingers crossed on this one and keep pushing and raising awareness as much as I can, and as long as my body will allow me. 

Thanks reading,

" Bladder Me Crazy"  Interstitial Cystitis,

Until  next post... Stay strong, keep fighting, and never give up!


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